CUSTOM designed Jewelry


We are delighted to present our Woodland Collection

This Woodland collection is inspired by woodland creatures with lovely flower prints that are designed exclusively by MarMoo.

The two specialist designs which we are incredibly proud of are Daisy print, which reminds us of those lovely Indian Summers and Garden print, which originates from simple drawings of flowers inspired by children's art works.

These two new prints reflected all things that make us happy, as the seasons change the colours changes and so does our collection of Daisy and Garden. This is a collection that takes you through Summer and into the Fall with lovely purples, mustards, reds and soft blues. So as the season changes your collection of MarMoo Jewellery can too, making the transition of summer to fall appear seamless just as it does in Nature.

These tiny works of art are decorated by Amanda Cope. Each piece has hand painted details and finished off with a hand painted glazed to protect the piece from harsh conditions. All of the jewellery is made of wood and assembled with sterling silver. These are custom made pieces.